There are a number of reasons to choose us as your data solutions provider. Whether it’s our technical support, advice and guidance, our team of on-hand consultants or the variety of training options available, we are confident you will benefit from our services. The SISRA community already has 100,000+ users in 1,600+ schools.

 SISRA Experience

Your experience as a SISRA customer is our top priority. From your first contact with us you will have a designated member of our team to book your online demonstration and answer any questions you may have. The SISRA team are always on hand and will check with you to see how you are finding our service and update you on any events we have coming up. We pride ourselves in developing our services in line with our customers’ requirements, so we take on board any popular requests and, of course, we respond to DfE requirements.

 Technical Support

We offer a wide range of technical support including user guides, video tutorials and our dedicated support team. While we are confident you will not encounter any problems, if you do run into any difficulties you can contact our support team directly. You can either send them an email or use our online chat function. Customers have welcomed our online chat facility as it provides an instant response* to queries.

*Mon–Fri 9am–5pm (UK time)

 Book your free online demonstration

Our demonstrations usually last around 30-40 minutes with time at the end for questions. All you need is a computer with internet access and a telephone. The demonstrations are delivered by one of our consultants who each have first-hand experience of working with data in schools.

To book your demonstration click on the link below or call us on 0870 757 6750.

Our Journey

Oct 2008

SISRA Ltd was founded and SISRA Online was launched

Apr 2011

SISRA community grows to 500 Schools

Jan 2013

SISRA community doubles to 1000 Schools

Feb 2014

SISRA Observe was launched

Mar 2014

SISRA Analytics was launched (the upgrade replacing SISRA Online)

Apr 2016

New and improved version of SISRA Observe is launched

Jul 2016

EAP mode (Life after Levels area) was released

Terry Graham, Managing Director’s Message:

“Opportunities often present themselves in an unexpected guise. Thinking back to the beginning, we were introduced to an examinations officer in a local school who was struggling with residuals. He was working through the summer holidays with a deadline to meet (the looming autumn term and the start of a brand new academic year), and just when he thought he had the riddle of residuals solved, the Head would throw in a curveball question. In reality, it was probably the numerous calculations of the ever-extending Excel spreadsheet that was the crux of the problem.

Our company background was data – massive volumes of the stuff – and so armed with this in-depth knowledge, we ventured into the world of education. Staff at Broadgreen School were looking for help with residuals so Jon Williams (now our Technical Director), met with them and responded to their needs by producing a market first: a web-based solution for delivering residual values. No more depending on Excel spreadsheets or the inaccuracy of calculus. One single version of the truth was born and every member of staff could access it from school or home – or the beach if they preferred!

We didn’t know it at the time, but as we introduced SISRA to more and more educationalists, it quickly became apparent that we had something that offered great benefit to schools, their staff and students. The SISRA journey had begun. Was this an evolution or a revolution within the realm of school’s data? We weren’t sure, but we were certainly blazing a trail given the standard market offerings available at the time.

To help us to develop this opportunity further, we had the pleasure of meeting and eventually employing our great friend, the late Michael Surtees, who at the time was Deputy Head of Madeley High School. He told us he’d received our flyer and, instantly recognising SISRA was something new and exciting, wanted his school to be a part of it. Michael was a passionate educationalist who cared about the outcome of the kids. He spent many hours advising Jon (who was spending more and more time developing a robust and functionally rich SISRA Online) on what schools needed regarding government driven analysis and countless more hours motoring up and down the country presenting SISRA to his peers and colleagues in other schools.

Jon and Michael, enthusiastically supported by our online user forum and complemented through a recruitment policy to employ educationalists, generated new ideas which flooded in from a passionate user community thus ensuring the value SISRA offers schools would grow at a rapid pace. This support led to the development of SISRA Analytics, which replaced SISRA Online in 2014. SISRA Analytics has continued to expand and respond to the demands of our user base (and those within the DfE’s latest Statement of Intent), benefitting over 1600 schools in the UK and abroad.

2014 was a big year for us, as we also launched our teaching and learning service SISRA Observe. Developed especially for the benefit of schools to assist their staff in effective CPD and monitoring lesson observations, Observe opens up further opportunities to assist the Primary school sector, and maybe even beyond, in the advanced learning sector.

SISRA Ltd will continue to grow by responding to the needs of the education market. We are encouraged by the support of over 100,000 educationalists in their day-to-day use of school data and delighted that SISRA is seen within schools as a great value service provider offering a measurable benefit to all staff and the kids.”