SISRA Analytics is the ultimate flexible school data analysis solution for KS3, 4 & 5.  Allowing you to track and analyse your achievement data easily, quickly and accurately, Analytics directly enhances the day-to-day working life of you and your colleagues, whilst helping to drive school performance and improvement.

Available 24/7 from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world, you will find interactive and intuitive reports, plus flexible staff permission levels mean that everyone from class teachers to governors can access the data relevant to them.


Our groundbreaking Data Collaboration provides you with vital estimates and information weeks in advance of official figures, allowing for meaningful analysis for your summer exams cohorts as well as current KS4 year groups.  Opt in to the collaboration and share your anonymised data to create a ‘SISRA National Picture’. This provides the basis of comparison for the following measures:

Attainment 8 estimates

Available just one day after KS4 results day in 2018!
Our A8 estimates provide you with a strong indication of your school’s progress and allows for self-evaluation at an early stage in the academic year.



Direct comparisons with all SISRA Headline measures, broken down by Gender, Disadvantaged and SEN, giving you a clear picture of how specific groups are performing.


Subject Progress Index (SPI)

Think subject Progress 8 but better!

The SPI shows how your students’ performed in each subject compared with students with the same KS2 prior attainment in the Data Collaboration. Compare Student progress or use averages to compare classes, qualification, faculties and more. Not only is this feature useful for comparing your exam performance with our ‘national picture’ but it can also be used to assist you with target setting/checking methodologies.

Discover more about SPI on our blog


Transition Matrices

DfE-style Transition Matrices for all GCSE subjects, with integrated comparisons with SISRA Collaboration data!

‘This is the sort of information which school leaders need to make important decisions about performance and curriculum planning early in the school year’
Duncan Baldwin.

Read more on the blog post


2018 Data Collaboration Facts and Figures/ Vital Statistics

Over 1300 schools opted-in

That’s anonymised data from more than 200,000 students

And over 1.7 million grades


Bespoke grading system

Analyse your KS3-4 data your way with our bespoke grading system. Analytics can cope with Mastery, 9-1, A*-G, sub-grades or something completely different!

Customisable filters

SEND students on Free School Meals? White British Boys? Customisable filters allow you to evaluate the student group of your choice in just a few clicks.

  • Drill down to very specific groups using multi-select filters.
  • View attainment and progress for all groups on one page.
Performance measures

Monitor key school performance measures such as Attainment 8 and Progress 8, EBacc Standard and Strong pass, Basics 9-5 and 9-4, Value Added and Academic, Applied General and Tech Level progress, attainment for Key Stage 5 and Level 3 Value Added.

Reports dashboard

Our clear, filterable Reports dashboard makes data accessible to all staff, ensuring that it leads to insight and impact in the classroom.

Attitude to Learning Judgments

Upload and analyse Attitude to Learning (AtL) judgements alongside your grade data, choosing up to three customisable categories, with a maximum of 10 judgements. The customisable colour picker allows for quick identification of key AtL judgements.


Our AtL Reports features allow you to:


  • Focus attention on students or contextual groups with particular AtL judgements using our filterable reports.
  • View the impact AtL has on performance using the Grades attainment break down.
  • Up-to-date performance figures at a glance
  • Attractive and powerful headline dashboards, charts and scatterplots
  • Customisable and flexible gap analysis

  • Tracking your subjects’, classes’ and students’ performance over time
  • Easy comparison of performance of vulnerable groups
  • Below/on/above track reports enabling quick identification of students for intervention

  • Progress of students in your class and performance against expectations
  • Achievement and progress of students within groups
  • In-depth information about students’ performance across all their qualifications

  • Overall performance of students in your cohort or form, against expectations
  • Easy identification of students underperforming in several of their subjects
  • Quick identification of students not meeting headline measures

  • Easy to understand headline dashboards and charts
  • Filter-level reports to track progress of vulnerable groups and compare to peers
  • Access to top level data only, not student detail

  • Quick and easy upload of data
  • Changes in DfE calculations included automatically
  • Exam results analysed with speed and accuracy

  • Upload all types of qualification, including iGCSEs
  • Track progress from a bespoke starting point or baseline test such as CAT4, MidYIS, 11+ etc.
  • Our fully interactive reports can be published without school headlines if you do not need to monitor your results against DfE measures


Data can be exported from any MIS for upload into Analytics.  We have reports written for a number of MIS’s including SIMS, Bromcom, Progresso, iSAMS and CMIS but if you use an alternative MIS, so long as the data can be exported as a csv file, you will be able to upload it to Analytics.

Analytics is web-based, so we don’t need to come out to your school and install software, everything is set up from our head office.

Once your chosen SISRA administrator has received their login details, they can access our ‘Help’ section. This contains user guides, video tutorials, useful links and downloads. Administrators will also have access to our highly commended live support service Mon–Fri 9am–5pm (UK time), free of charge. If you would like further assistance we offer a range of training days  and consultancy options.

Any questions? You can use our online contact us form, call us on 0870 757 6750 or email us via enquiries@sisra.com.


See below for the most frequently asked questions relating to Analytics. If you still have questions you can contact us and we would be happy to answer them.

  • How many users can we have?

    You may have as many users as you wish. We actively encourage you to add all staff and even governors as a user so that they may easily analyse performance at their leisure. The amount of users has NO IMPACT on the cost of the service.

  • How much does it cost?

    SISRA Analytics is a very affordable online service. To discuss our fees further please call our team on 0870 757 6750.

  • Is SISRA Analytics secure?

    Yes, we use encryption provided by GlobalSign EV SSL certificates to ensure maximum protection for your data. For more information please see our data security page

  • Can we compare performance to targets?

    Yes. All data sets can be compared to another.