An Objective Perspective

November 18, 2019
By: Jonathan Mountstevens, Deputy Head and History Teacher at Beaumont School

Teacher appraisal has been on my mind a lot recently. This is because in my school we have had a series of discussions about it at senior leadership level, which have led to a decision to move away from objectives based on pupil attainment/progress data. I am well aware that this is far from original and that many schools did so a long time ago, if they ever used pupil data objectives at all. Others will no doubt be reconsidering them in the light of the Teacher Workload Advisory Group’s welcome warnings against their thoughtless use (2018). Even so, it is a big and bold move for a highly successful school with plenty of reasons to be risk-averse, and I am very proud that we have agreed to make the change. Before going any further, I should make it clear that my experience has been in secondary schools and my points apply to that setting. I am not sure whether or not they are relevant to teacher appraisal in primary schools, because I know next to nothing about it.

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