Shadow Data

June 14, 2017
By: Nigel Sheppard, Deputy Head Teacher, Horndean Technology College
The DfE recently released schools shadow data which aligned the changes in point scores for 2017 against 2016 results recently.

There were some interesting differences and implications generated by the shadow data. If schools continue to use old point scores to calculate/predict attainment scores they will be inaccurate and probably over inflated. If Governors and/or Leadership Team are ‘exposed’ to Attainment 8 scores I would recommend the shadow data be explained to prepare them for a drop in attainment and progress scores although in reality it would not be a drop but just a different way data has been calculated.
It would be interesting to find out how many schools have dropped as a result of the new point scores. It would also be very interesting to see how many (if any?) schools have increased their Attainment 8 or Progress 8 based on this shadow data. National data suggests not many?!

For my school we took a hit of -02 in Progress 8 and almost 6 points in Attainment 8 going from 53.07 to 47.87. Make sure your governors are aware! If you are unsure where you get this information the DfE sent this to all schools on the 4th April and is available on the Tables Checking Website… or similar!

Nigel Sheppard, Deputy Head Teacher, Horndean Technology College