Creating A Developmental Quality Assurance Culture In School

At Horizon we have a very developmental approach to quality assurance. All staff have regular unannounced learning walks which are recorded on SISRA Observe, but discussed 1:1 with staff. We have encouraged staff to use SISRA Observe as a developmental tool for thinking about their own next steps and driving their professional development.

From a leadership perspective we use Observe hand in hand with Analytics. If there is an issue with a cohort of students not making progress, does our learning walk data on Observe help us identify a CPD need to ensure the issue does not lie with the quality of teaching and learning? When learning walks take place, observers will cross reference Observe and Analytics to build a picture of this member of staff’s practice: there is no point stating challenge is outstanding if high ability students are actually reported to be underachieving.

Our biggest change has been shifting the culture of QA from judgemental to developmental; with this change has come buy-in from staff and they log on to SISRA Observe because they are keen to think about their feedback and use it to improve.

Anna Jones, Associate Vice Principal: Teaching and Learning, Horizon Community College