Identifying Strengths And Areas Of Development

In terms of successful roll out of Observe, we introduced it in September at the start of the academic year as the sole platform for all quality assurance activities. This meant that all staff had to access the system to be able to carry out learning walks, lesson observations and book look activities.

Observe has been really successful in providing an online platform (previously we had used a combination of paper and Google forms) which allows all information to be collated in one place. It gives middle and senior leaders an oversight and analysis at the click of a button, something that previously was taking significant time to do, thus reducing workload and allowing a better understanding of strengths and areas for development in staff, faculties and across the whole school. As an Academy working across 3 different campuses with over 120 teachers, the system is  really useful for sharing information and allowing for real in depth analysis across large teams of staff.

David Lovell, Vice Principal – Teaching & Learning, The de Ferrers Academy